Dreaming Out Loud
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If, like most of the pop-listening public, you heard Timbaland's chart-topping remix of OneRepublic's single "Apologize" before you heard the original, you may be mildly confused about what kind of music the band makes. Timabaland's signature electronic swizzles and "eh-eh-eh"s leave the impression that OneRepublic is a style-heavy outfit a la Maroon 5, but frontman Ryan Tedder's plaintive words and woebegone themes don't fall far from forerunners Keane, Coldplay, and the Fray. Dreaming out Loud chisels away at the dichotomy. "Apologize", stripped of its swizzles, is a gorgeous modern rock song made all the more gorgeous by the urgency in Tedder's striking, unscuffed voice, and a lot of the songs on this record stack up similarly. Which is to say that, although tracks like "Tyrant" and opener "Say (All I Need)" wrap themselves around some seriously stylish production, substance is really this band's thing. A piano played by turns ferociously and tenderly drives the point home, and so do some choice lyrics; if you are inclined to choke up at feelings laid bare, check out "Goodbye, Apathy" and "Come Home" at your own risk. --Tammy La Gorce
1 - Say (All I Need)
2 - Mercy
3 - Stop And Stare
4 - Apologize
5 - Goodbye, Apathy
6 - All Fall Down
7 - Tyrant
8 - Prodigal
9 - Won't Stop
10 - All We Are
11 - Someone To Save You
12 - Come Home
13 - Dreaming Out Loud
14 - Apologize
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