Cousin Leonard - Under The Sun

Cousin Leonard - Under The Sun
Officially the debut studio album by cousin leonard. Filled with uplifting songs about family, friends and connection to one another.
The first ideas for this album came about whilst the Williams Brothers were creating and recording a side project, world / relaxation music album called 'Water-an Australian Story' on location at what is now the Peninsula Hot Springs, Victoria in 2002. under one sun was then put together with a bunch of friends, through a myriad of sessions in a variety of Melbourne studios between the years of 2004-2007.
"we make the most of this time, one family under the one sun." credits; released April 8, 2008
Achtung: CD (keine Promo), aber in einfachem Kartonschuber; guter Zustand, aber sehr einfache Aufmachung
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