Not Too Late
KünstlerNorah Jones
HerstellerBlue Note
KategorienFolk & Country, Jazz & Blues, Pop, Rock
Though pundits predicted a change of direction for the third Norah Jones album, fans of earlier works will be pleased to learn that Not Too Late maintains the chanteuse's subtle mantra of tasteful, insouciant songs tinged with jazz, folk, country and blues. The album differs in that the majority of tracks this time around were written by Norah herself (and long-term collaborator Lee Alexander); that said, musical support comes from her regular coterie (guitarist Jesse Harris, drummer Andy Borger and singer Daru Oda amongst others), as well as esteemed guests such as Kronos Quartet cellist Jeff Ziegler, Larry Goldings and singer-songwriter M Ward. Patient, simple ballads, calm jazz/folk chords and quiet instrumental embellishments are still what Norah does best and there are plenty here, enhanced of course by her timeless, honeyed vocals. With the notable exception of the idiosyncratic, politically-charged waltz "Sinkin' Soon" (featuring vocals from M. Ward), Not Too Late lopes along with typical restraint and candour, making for another collection of soothing, weightless tunes. --Paul Sullivan
1 - Wish I Could
2 - Sinkin' Soon
3 - The Sun Doesn't Like You
4 - Until The End
5 - Not My Friend
6 - Thinking About You
7 - Broken
8 - My Dear Country
9 - Wake Me Up
10 - Be My Somebody
11 - Little Room
12 - Rosie's Lullaby
13 - Not Too Late
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